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Thank you for coming!
Passenger cars, trucks, buses, heavy machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.
From small cars to large cars!
I will buy even a non-moving vehicle.
Please contact us.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you♡

TEL☎ 0285-37-8079
e-mail✉ aragaki3572@gmail.com

Business description and business hours

About business hours

Open 24 hours a day, anytime!

Business hours ⇒ Morning 9: 00 ~ 20: 00

"I can't make it during business hours ..."
  Don't worry about those busy people!
  Our shop will respond as much as possible outside business hours!

Face with customers with gratitude.
You can see the details of our business here.

Our strength  

From the president

Nice to meet you! This is Aragaki.
◆We always consider the customer's position and try to be gentle. The mumber of employees is small, but we are paying close attention to careful handling over the telephone and behavior in customer service. 
◆For a quote, we will ask you at your home, company, or a convenient place for you. Of course, you can come to our company. 
◆We would appreciate it if you could contact us even with a defective vehicle.
◆We look forward to hearing from you.
   "Thank you"

Management Philosophy

☆ Customer First “Thank you” ☆

- A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -
Taking the customer first as the motto, we took a small step while getting information on better things (cars)! In the daily morning meeting, all staff members share a lot of information, and we will never forget learning every day so that we can carry out the work that puts customers first.

Purchase any vehicle

Please leave the purchase of used cars! 

We accept any vehicle in any status.

commercial vehicles /

 passenger cars / trucks / buses!

We will respond with abundant experience and solid knowledge. First contact us,
Estimate and consult with a free assessment! We look forward to your contact all year round ☆
From small cars to large cars are OK!
Unnecessary car / immovable car is OK, too ☆ 彡

Successful bid agency / export agency

From a inch step first which the journey of a thousand miles!

We purchase the latest information every day, mainly at the Arai Auto Auction site near the office.
“I want a car like this ...” 
Of course! 
Let us search for the vehicle!

In addition, with the advancement of overseas agriculture and construction industry, a strong Japanese car, Made in Japan, seems to have contributed to work capacity. The need is endless ...
It doesn't matter even from one  vehicle.
Would you like to take a step together to become a big business opportunity? First of all, just talk to us!

★ We are waiting ★

About business requests


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.
We looking forword to any questions about your business or consultations.